Author - S.A. Molchanov

Department of Mathematics, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC 28223, USA


Wick--Fourier--Hermite Series in the Theory of Linear and Nonlinear Transformations of Gaussian Distributions
The Alloy Model: Phase Transitions and Diagrams for a Rand om Energy Model with Mixtures
Branching Random Walks with Immigration. Lyapunov Stability
Examples of Random Schr\"odinger-Type Operators with Non-Poissonian Spectra
A Mean Field Approximation of the Bolker - Pacala Population Model
Limit Theorems for Bessel Processes in General Dimension d
Homo- and Hetero-Polymers in the Mean-Field Approximation
Quasicumulants and Limit Theorems in Case of the Cauchy Limiting Law
On the Class of Nilpotent Markov Chains, I. The Spectrum of Covariance Operator
Quasi 1D Localization: Deterministic and Random Potentials,
Phase Transition for the Spherical Hierarchical Model
Annealed Moment Lyapunov Exponents for a Branching Random Walk in a Homogeneous Random Branching Environment