Issue 4 (1998)

Proceedings of the First Brazilian School in Probability (August 1997, Rio de Janeiro). Editors: M.E. Vares and M. Menshikov.


On Large Deviations for a Multidimensional Random Process with Slow and Fast Diffusities
One-Dimensional Branching Random Walk in a Random Environment: a Classification
Dyson's Model of Interacting Brownian Motions at Arbitrary Coupling Strength
Measures on Contour, Polymer or Animal Models. A Probabilistic Approach
The V-Relation between Hermitian and Non-Hermitian Operators and Strong Law for Normalized Spectral Functions of Non-Selfadjoint Random Matrices with Independent Row Vectors
Persistence of non-Markovian Processes Related to Fractional Brownian Motion
Decay to Equilibrium in $L^\infty$ of Finite Interacting Particle Systems in Infinite Volume
Asymptotic Shape for the Branching Exclusion Process
Relaxation Patterns for Competing Metastable States: a Nucleation and Growth Model
Invariant Measures for the Action of SL(2,Z) on $\r^2$
Coupling the Totally Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process with a Moving Interface
On the Forced Motion of a Heavy Particle in a Random Medium I. Existence of Dynamics
Pseudo-Pinning in a Growth Model