Issue 2 (2005)

Special issue containing papers presented at the meetings "Inhomogeneous Random Systems". Quantum Information Theory. Low Energy States in Quantum Many Body Systems. January 28-29, 2003. University of Cergy-Pontoise, France. Interacting Particle Systems: New Trends, with Applications in Biology and Economy. January 28, 2004. Institut Henry Poincare, Paris, France. Editors: Ellen Saada, Thierry Gobron and Francois Dunlop.


Generalized Susceptibilities for a Perfect Quantum Gas
Energy Gap Estimates in XXZ Ferromagnets and Stochastic Particle Systems
Path Integral Representations for the Spin-Pinned Quantum XXZ Chain
Expansions for Droplet States in the Ferromagnetic XXZ Heisenberg Chain
The Large-Spin Asymptotics of the Ferromagnetic XXZ Chain
One-Mode Bose - Einstein Condensation and Bogoliubov Theory
New Trends in Interacting Particle Systems
Statistical Properties of Genealogical Trees
Multilevel Particle Systems and the Study of Biological Evolution
Thermodynamic Limit of the Abelian Sandpile Model on $Z^d$
Fixed Points for Stochastic Open Chemical Systems
Connections Between `Self-Organised' and `Classical' Criticality
Long-Run Behavior of Games with Many Players
Space Structures and Different Scales for Many-Component Biosystems