Issue 3 (2013)

Special issue containing papers presented at the meetings "Inhomogeneous Random Systems". Kinetically constrained spin models, glasses ans coalescence processes. Fast and slow, adiabatic and geometric effects in nonequilibrium dynamics. January 25-26, 2011. Quasi stationary distributions and Fleming-Viot processes. Lifson-Poland-Scheraga models of DNA. January 24-25, 2012. JESPCI & Institut Henry Poincare, Paris, France. Editors: Ellen Saada, Thierry Gobron and Francois Dunlop.


Kinetically Constrained Spin Models, Glasses and Coalescence Processes.
Fredrickson - Andersen One Spin Facilitated Model out of Equilibrium
The East Model: Recent Results and New Progresses
Fast and Slow, Adiabatic and Geometric Effects in Nonequilibrium Dynamics
Kramers' Law: Validity, Derivations and Generalisations
Quasi Stationary Distributions and Fleming - Viot Processes
Markov Processes with Redistribution
Simulation of Quasi-Stationary Distributions on Countable Spaces
Uniform Tightness for Time-Inhomogeneous Particle Systems and for Conditional Distributions of Time-Inhomogeneous Diffusion Processes
Lifson - Poland - Scheraga Models of DNA
Models of DNA Denaturation Dynamics: Universal Properties
Ruelle - Perron - Frobenius Operator Approach to the Annealed Pinning Model with Gaussian Long-Range Correlated Disorder