Definition and Self-Adjointness of the Stochastic Airy Operator

N. Minami

2015, v.21, Issue 3, 695-711


In this note, it is shown that the stochastic Airy operator, which is the
\lq\lq Schr\"odinger operator\rq\rq on the half-line whose potential
term consists of Gaussian white noise plus a linear term tending to
$+\infty$, can naturally be defined as a generalized Sturm\tire Liouville
operator and that it is self-adjoint and has purely discrete spectrum
with probability one. Thus \lq\lq
stochastic Airy spectrum\rq\rq of Ram\'irez, Rider and Vir\'ag
is the spectrum of an operator in the ordinary sense of the word.

Keywords: self-adjointness, random Schr\"odinger operator, Sturm\tire Liouville operator


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