Boris Khoruzhenko, W. Kirsch, P. Mueller

2015, v.21, Issue 3



This special volume is dedicated to Leonid Andreyevich Pastur. The contributions to this volume arose from the conference ``Mathematical Physics of Disordered Systems" at the ``FernUniversit\"at" in Hagen, Germany on the occasion of Leonid's 75th birthday.
Leonid Pastur is one of the leading researchers in the field of Mathematical Physics and, in mathematics and theoretical physics in general. He is one of the rare examples of a scientist who is deeply into both mathematics and physics. In his outstanding work mathematics is stimulated by physics and physics benefits from mathematical insight.
Leonid is most well-known for his pioneering deep results in the theory of disordered systems, random matrix theory and statistical mechanics. In fact Leonid's impact on modern mathematical physics goes far beyond his own field. His interests are very broad, both within mathematics and theoretical physics and his enthusiasm is limitless. Many around him learned a great deal from discussions with him and were enthused to try and solve challenging problems.
While he has been working in various places on this planet, including France, Great Britain, Germany and the USA, he has always been affiliated and still is affiliated to the research institute he joined more than 50 years ago, the Institute for Low Temperature Physics in Kharkiv, Ukraine.
All contributors to this volume dedicate their articles to Leonid and we all wish him many fruitful, healthy and peaceful years to come.

Organizers of the Conference ``Mathematical Physics of Disordered SyWerner Kirsch}, FernUniversit\"at in Hagen, Germany

Werner Kirsch, FernUniversit\"at in Hagen, Germany
Boris Khoruzhenko, Queen Mary University of London, Great Britain
Peter M\"uller, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit\"at M\"unchen, Germany

Keywords: Special Issue (in Two Parts) dedicated to Leonid Andreevich Pastur


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