Aging in the GREM-like Trap Model

V. Gayrard, O. Guen

2016, v.22, Issue 1, 165-202


The GREM-like trap model is a continuous time Markov jump process on the leaves of a finite volume $L$-level tree whose transition rates depend on a \emph{trapping landscape} built on the vertices of the whole tree. We prove that the natural two-time correlation function of the dynamics ages in the infinite volume limit and identify the limiting function. Moreover, we take the limit $L\to\infty$ of the two-time correlation function of the infinite volume $L$-level tree. The aging behavior of the dynamics is characterized by a collection of \emph{clock processes}, one for each level of the tree.\,We show that for any $L$ the joint law of the clock processes converges. Furthermore, any such limit can be expressed through Neveu's continuous state branching process. Hence, the latter contains all the information needed to describe aging in the GREM-like trap model both for finite and infinite levels.

Keywords: random walk, random environment, trap models, aging, spin glasses, aging


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