Special issue containing papers presented at the meetings

F. Dunlop, T. Gobron, E. Saada

2016, v.22, Issue 3, 393-408


The collection of abstracts of two mettings on January 22--23, 2013,
"New trends in metastability", moderator C. Landim,
"Are all the 1/3's equal ?", moderator S. Shlosman,
and two meeting on January 28--29, 2014.
"Synchronization", moderator G. Giacomin
"Time delays in stochastic systems", moderator J. Miekisz. .
These meetings, which concentrate each year on different topics,
bring together an interdisciplinary audience of
mathematicians and physicists.

Keywords: metastability, one-thirds, stochastic time delays, synchronization


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