Stochastic Dividend Discount Model: Risk and Return

G. D'Amico

2017, v.23, Issue 3, 349-376


One of the most widely used method to assess the company's stock price consists in computing the present value of all future dividends. Our approach is to present a general discrete time dividend valuation model when the dividend growth rate is a general continuous variable. Assuming that the dividend growth rate follows a discrete time semi-Markov chain with measurable phase space, we furnish sufficient conditions that guarantee finiteness of prices and risks and new equations that describe the first and second order price-dividend ratios. Approximation methods to solve the equations are provided and some new results for semi-Markov reward processes with Borel state space are established. The paper generalizes previous contributions dealing with pricing firms on the basis of fundamentals.}

Keywords: semi-Markov process, reward process, risk


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