Non-Equilibrium Fluctuations for a Reaction-Diffusion Model via Relative Entropy

M. Jara, O. Menezes

2020, v.26, Issue 1, 95-124


We look at a superposition of symmetric simple exclusion dynamics and Glauber dynamics in the discrete torus in dimension 1. For this model, we prove that the fluctuations around the hydrodynamic limit are described, in the diffusive scale, by an infinite-dimensional Ornstein\tire Uhlenbeck process. Our proof technique is an adaptation of Yau's Relative Entropy Method that is robust enough to be adapted to other exclusion models. To cut the technical details to a minimum, we assume that the process starts from a product measure with a custom-chosen density, for which the solution of the hydrodynamic equation is stationary. Although we prove fluctuations only in dimension $ 1 $, we provide an estimate on the entropy production that holds for any dimension and a proof of the Boltzmann\tire Gibbs principle that applies in dimension smaller than $ 3 $

Keywords: weakly asymmetric exclusion, nonequilibrium fluctuations, relative entropy


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