Odometers of Divisible Sandpile Models: Scaling Limits, iDLA and Obstacle Problems.

W. Ruszel

2020, v.26, Issue 1, 125-166


The divisible sandpile model is a fixed-energy continuous counterpart of the Abelian sandpile model. We start with a random initial configuration and redistribute mass deterministically. Under certain conditions the sandpile will stabilize. The associated odometer function describes the amount of mass emitted from each vertex during stabilization. In this survey we describe recent scaling limit results of the odometer function depending on different initial configurations and redistribution rules. Moreover we review connections to the obstacle problem from potential theory, including the connection between odometers and limiting shapes of growth models such as iDLA. Finally we state some open problems.

Keywords: divisible sandpile, odometer function, fractional Gaussian fields, abstract Wiener space, iDLA, obstacle problems


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