The Non-Equilibrium Ising Model in Two Dimensions: a Numerical Study

C. Giardina

2020, v.26, Issue 1, 167-183


In this paper, we study the boundary-driven ferromagnetic Ising model in two dimensions.
In this non-equilibrium setting, in the low temperature region, the Ising model has phase separation
in the presence of a current. We investigate, by means of numerical simulations,
Kawasaki dynamics with magnetization reservoirs. The results
show that, in the stationary non-equilibrium state, the Ising model may have
uphill diffusion and magnetization profiles with three discontinuities.
These results complement the results of a previous paper by Colangeli, Giberti, Vernia
and the present author \cite{CGGV}. They also allow to state a full picture
of the hydrodynamic limit.

Keywords: 2D Ising model, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics


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