The SRPT Service Policy with Frequency Scaling: Modeling, Evaluation and Optimization

M. Elahi, A. Marin, I. Mitrani, C. Williamson

2020, v.26, Issue 4, 687-710


We study a system where the speed of a processor depends on the
current number of jobs. A queuing model in which jobs consist of
a variable number of tasks, and priority is given to the job with
the fewest remaining tasks, is analyzed in the steady state. The
number of processor frequency levels determines the dimensionality
of the queuing process. The objective is to evaluate the trade-offs
between holding costs and energy costs, when setting the processor
frequency. We obtain exact results for two and three frequency
levels, and accurate approximations that can be generalized
further. Numerical and simulation experiments validate the
approximations and provide insights into the benefits to be gained
from optimizing the system.

Keywords: queues, scheduling policies, speed control, energy saving, multidimensonal Markov processes, generating functions


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