On Energy Solutions to Stochastic Burgers Equation

P. Goncalves, A. Occelli

2021, v.27, Issue 4, 523-556


In this review we discuss the weak KPZ universality conjecture for a class of $1$-d systems whose dynamics conserves one or more quantities. As a prototype example for the former case, we will focus on weakly asymmetric simple exclusion processes, for which the density is preserved and the equilibrium fluctuations are shown to cross from the Edwards-Wilkinson universality class to the KPZ universality class. The crossover depends on the strength of the asymmetry. For the latter case, we will present an exclusion process with three species of particles, known as the ABC model, for which we aim to prove the convergence to a system of coupled stochastic Burgers' equations, i.e.\ gradient versions of coupled KPZ equations. We will review the recent results on this matter around the notion of energy solutions introduced in~\cite{GJ1} for which uniqueness has been proved in~\cite{GP}.

Keywords: Density fluctuations, Exclusion processes, KPZ equation, KPZ universality class, Interacting particle system


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