Stochastic Growth Models without Classical Branching Processes

V.A. Malyshev

2022, v.28, Issue 2, 179-184


All mathematical journals, including MPRF, now look
like random collections of papers in one of the immense domains of
mathematics like analysis, algebra, probability etc. But there are
other classifications of mathematical domains (theories), where techniques
from all mathematics can be used, but all activity is concentrated
around some very important applied problem. One of such applied problems
we consider here, and it leads us, in particular, to one of many possible
projects in probability theory. One of our goals is to get the
journal out of the state, where it serves as a stock of random papers.
Submitted to MPRF papers, which appear to be in the framework
of this project, will be reviewed and published as fast as possible.

Keywords: stochastic growth models, accumulation of particles, formation of clusters, large random systems


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