Nikita Vvedenskaya: a Mathematician and a Person and Her Work on a Local Control of Queues

Yu.M. Suhov

2023, v.29, Issue 2, 159-171


N.D.\ Vvedenskaya (1930\tire 2022) was a Russian mathematician who worked on
the theory of partial differential equations, numerical methods, information theory, queueing theory and theory of large deviations.
In this paper I discuss some aspects of her most known work,
a paper co-authored with Dobrushin and Karpelevich (1996), on an asymptotic analysis of a service
system where a task is directed to a shorter queue between two randomly chosen queues.
I also give a sketch of biographic details of her remarkable life, based on my own experience
during the period of personal acquaintance and collaborative work which lasted for almost 50 years.

Keywords: queuing theory, Poisson process, Markov process, strong limit theorem, systems of ODEs, convergence to a fixed point


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