Remembering Nikita: Life Devoted to Friendship. Section 1

T.M. Tikhomirov

2023, v.29, Issue 2, 295-300


Nikita Dmitrievna Vvedenskaya passed away on the 6th of May 2022. She was an outstanding and versatile person, a remarkable mathematician and numericist.
She was born in Tashkent on October 9, 1930 in a highly cultured, intelligent family. Her father, a surgeon-urologist Dmitry Alekseevich Vvedensky (1887--1956) had an unusually bright life. As a doctor, he participated in the First World War, first in the tsarist army, and then in the Russian expeditionary corps in France. He fought in World War Two and at the end of it he was in Berlin. Dmitry Alekseevich was awarded the highest orders of Tsarist Russia, France and the Soviet Union. From 1934 and until his retirement in 1954, he was in charge of the urological clinic of the Tashkent Medical Institute (with a break for the frontline). In October 1930, Dmitry Alekseevich and his wife Vera Andreevna had a daughter, whom they gave a double name: Nikita-Natalya, but in friendly communication she was always called Nikita.
The personality of the father and the family atmosphere played a major role in shaping the character of Nikita Vvedenskaya.

Keywords: Remembering Nikita: Life Devoted to Friendship


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