Remembering Nikita: Life Devoted to Friendship. Section 5

O.G. Egudina

2023, v.29, Issue 2, 295-300


"Please, do not ever tell Olya that we are not relatives!'' This phrase,
directed to my mum, I heard from Nikita when I was about 10 years old.
Neither before, nor after did I doubt our close kinship.

This relatedness was rather strange to say the least: my parents, who were
taken out of besieged Leningrad, were settled into the family of Vvedenskies, who
lived in Tashkent. Such a process was called "uplotnenie'', condensation so to speak. But in our case that was the beginning of the friendship that lasted for many
years, and which involved new generations of our family as they appeared.

Keywords: Remembering Nikita: Life Devoted to Friendship.


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