On Gibbs Fields in Image Processing

A. Maruani, E.A. Pechersky, M. Sigelle

1995, v.1, Issue 3, 419-442


This work contains two parts only connected by a common theme, namely applications of Gibbs fields in image processing. In the first part we give a general description of Bayes approach to image analysis, where Gibbs fields arise. We stress that the maximal posterior distribution approach restricts the class of Gibbs fields that could find applications in image processing. The more general Bayes approach permits to use all Gibbs distributions without any restrictions. In the second part of our work we obtain rigorous results on a model with Ising interaction and a chess-board external field. The results exhibit some possibilities of Ising interaction in image processing.

Keywords: image processing,Bayes strategy,Gibbs random fields,Ising model,Peierls conditions


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