Low Temperature Stochastic Dynamics for an Ising Model with Alternating Field

F.R. Nardi, E. Olivieri

1996, v.2, Issue 1, 117-166


We study, in the low temperature regime, a 2D stochastic Ising system with nearest neighbour ferromagnetic interaction subject to a positive (negative) magnetic field on even (odd) horizontal lines. We find, for different values of the magnetic fields, very different types of dynamical behaviour which are strictly related to the peculiar features of the expected equilibrium phase diagram at low temperature. In particular, we analyse in detail the metastable behaviour (lifetime of the metastable equilibrium, typical paths during the transition to the stable equilibrium) in the vicinities of a ``low-temperature critical point".

Keywords: stochastic Ising model,metastability,nucleation,large deviations


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