A Survey of Rigorous Results on Random Schrodinger Operators for Amorphous Solids,

H. Leschke, P. Mueller, S. Warzel

2003, v.9, Issue 4, 729-760


Electronic properties of amorphous or non-crystalline disordered solids are often modelled by one-particle Schrodinger operators with random potentials which are ergodic with respect to Euclidean translations. We give a short, reasonably self-contained survey of rigorous results on such operators, where we allow for the presence of a constant magnetic field. We first compile robust properties of the integrated density of states like its self-averaging, uniqueness and leading high-energy growth. Results on its leading low-energy fall-off, that is, on its Lifshits tail, are then discussed in case of Gaussian and non-negative Poissonian random potentials. Moreover, in the Gaussian case with a continuous and non-negative covariance function we point out that the integrated density of states is locally Lipschitz continuous and present explicit upper bounds on its derivative, the density of states. Finally, available results on Anderson localization concern the almost-sure pure-point nature of the low-energy spectrum in case of certain Gaussian random potentials for arbitrary space dimension. In case of one dimension and a Poissonian random potential with repulsive impurities of finite range, it is known that the whole energy spectrum is almost surely only pure point.

Keywords: amorphous solids,random Schrodinger operator


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