Issue 2 (2006)

Special issue containing papers presented at the meeting "Inhomogeneous Random Systems". Simple exclusion process and last passage percolation. Deterministic ans stochastic models for coagulation and fragmentation. January 25-26, 2005. Institut Henry Poincare, Paris, France. Editors: Ellen Saada, Thierry Gobron and Francois Dunlop.


Multi-Class Processes, Dual Points and M/M/1 Queues
One-Dimensional Stochastic Growth and Gaussian Ensembles of Random Matrices
Large Deviations for a Point Process of Bounded Variability
Point Processes with Specified Low Order Correlations
Last-Passage Percolation with General Weight Distribution
Questions for Second Class Particles in Exclusion Processes
Broken Ergodicity in Driven One-Dimensional Particle Systems with Short-Range Interaction
Bethe Ansatz and Current Distribution for the TASEP with Particle-Dependent Hopping Rates
Different Aspects of a Model for Random Fragmentation Processes
Asymptotic and NumericalStudies of the Becker - Doring Model for Transient Homogeneous Nucleation
Long-Time Behaviour and Self-Similarity in a Coagulation Equation with Input of Monomers
A Distance for Coagulation
Notes on Brownian Coagulation
Invariants and Exponential Rate of Convergence to Steady State in the Renewal Equation
The Coagulating Brownian Particles and Smoluchowski's Equation