Quenched Large Deviations for Glauber Evolution with Kac Interaction and Random Field

O. Benois, M. Mourragui, E. Orlandi, E. Saada, L. Triolo

2012, v.18, Issue 2, 215-268


We study a spin-flip model with Kac type interaction, in the presence of a random field given by i.i.d. bounded random variables. The system, spatially inhomogeneous, evolves according to a non conservative (Glauber) dynamics. We show an almost sure (with respect to the random field) large deviation principle for the empirical magnetizations of this process. The rate functional associated with the large deviation principle depends on the statistical properties of the external random field, it is lower semicontinuous with compact level sets.

Keywords: interacting particle systems,random environment,Kac Interaction,large deviations


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