Author - A.A. Zamyatin

Laboratory of Large Random Systems, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University, 119899, Moscow, Russia


In memory of Vadim Malyshev
Regular Dynamics and Collisions Inside Classical Closed String
Energy Escape to Infinity for Systems with Infinite Number of Particles
Introduction to Micro Life of Graphs. I.
One Particle Subspaces for $\boldsymbol{n}$ Particle Quantum Walks with Ultralocal Interaction
One particle subspaces for two particle quantum walks with ultralocal interaction
One-dimensional quantum walks with a general perturbation of the radius 1
Restricted three particle quantum walk on ${\bf Z_{\bf +}}$: explicit solution
Exchange Processes with a Local Interaction: Invariant Bernoulli Measures
Dynamics of Two Interacting Queues
Two-Sided Evolution of a Random Chain
On Fluid Approximations for Conservative Networks