Issue 3 (2015)

Special issue dedicated to Leonid Andreyevich Pastur. Editors: Werner Kirsch, Boris Khoruzhenko, Peter Mueller.


On the Regularity of the Conditional Distribution of the Sample Mean
Statistical Theory of the Atom in Momentum Space
Level Repulsion for a Class of Decaying Random Potentials
High-Dimensional Random Fields and Random Matrix Theory
Optimal Wegner Estimate and the Density of States for N-body, Interacting Schr\"odinger Operators with Random Potentials
Random Matrices and Quantum Spin Chains
An Invitation to Trees of Finite Cone Type: Random and Deterministic Operators
AC-Conductivity and Electromagnetic Energy Absorption for the Anderson Model in Linear Response Theory
Large Deviations for the Local Times of a Random Walk among Random Conductances in a Growing Box
Global Asymptotics for the Christoffel\tire Darboux Kernel of Random Matrix Theory
Definition and Self-Adjointness of the Stochastic Airy Operator
Examples of Random Schr\"odinger-Type Operators with Non-Poissonian Spectra
Diffusive Scaling for All Moments of the Markov Anderson Model
Statistical Curse of the Second Half Rank, Eulerian Numbers and Stirling Numbers
Many-Body Localization: Concepts and Simple Models
Discrete Alloy-Type Models: Regularity of Distributions and Recent Results