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On Convergence Rate Bounds for a Class of Nonlinear Markov Chains
Gibbs Properties of the Bernoulli Field on Inhomogeneous Trees under the Removal of Isolated Sites
Limit Theorems for a Supercritical Branching Process with Immigration at Zero in a Random Environment
A Simple Finite Delayed Multi-type Branching Process for Infectious Disease Modeling
Density and Correlation in a Random Sequential Adsorption Model
A Markovian Analysis of an IEEE-802.11 Station with Buffering
Wick--Fourier--Hermite Series in the Theory of Linear and Nonlinear Transformations of Gaussian Distributions
Uniform Anderson Localization and Non-local Minami-type Estimates in Limit-periodic Media
On Malyshev's Method of Automorphic Functions in Diffraction by Wedges
Diffusion Approximation for Symmetric Birth-and-Death Processes with Polynomial Rates
Persistence in Perturbed Contact Models in Continuum
Probabilistic Models Motivated by Cooperative Sequential Adsorption
Minimal Action Principle for Gravity and Electrodynamics, Einstein Lambda, and Lagrange Points
A Penalization Limit Theorem for the Boundary Local Time of a Reflected Diffusion
On the Sieve Estimator for Fractional SPDEs from Discrete Observations
Moment Properties for Two-type Continuous-state Branching Processes in L\'evy Random Environments
Reflected Backward Doubly Stochastic Differential Equations Driven by Teugels Martingales Associated to a L\'evy Process with Discontinuous Barrier
Stationary Jump and Diffusion Processes for Planar Directions Obtained by Wrapping
Interacting Systems of Infinite Spiking Neurons with Weights Beyond Uniform Summability} \runtit{Interacting systems of neurons beyond uniform summability
Scientific Achievements of N.D.Vvedenskaya, Related to the Work at Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics
On Exponential Recurrence of "Markov-up'' Processes
Excursions of Markov Processes: A Large Deviation Approach
Sojourn Times of Markov Symmetric Processes in Continuous Time
Homogenization of Non-Autonomous Operators of Convolution Type in Periodic Media
Nikita Vvedenskaya: a Mathematician and a Person and Her Work on a Local Control of Queues
On Averaged Expected Cost Control for 1D Ergodic Diffusions with Switching
On Recurrence, Convergence and Mixing Rate of Generalised Wright\tire Fisher Diffusion with Mutation
Remembering Nikita: Life Devoted to Friendship. Section 1
Remembering Nikita: Life Devoted to Friendship. Section 2
Remembering Nikita: Life Devoted to Friendship. Section 3
Remembering Nikita: Life Devoted to Friendship. Section 4
Remembering Nikita: Life Devoted to Friendship. Section 5
Anderson Localization Induced by Random Defects of a Ragged Boundary
Totally Asymmetric Coalescence Process
Application of Resolvent Decomposition Theorem in Markovian Bulk Queues
Branching in a Markovian Environment
Renewal Type Bootstrap for $\boldsymbol{U}$-process Markov Chains
On the Stationary Distribution of Reflected Brownian Motion in a Non-Convex Wedge
Analytical Formula for Large Eigenvalues of Sample Covariance Matrix in Infinite Dimensional Case
Ballisticity of Random Walks in Random Environments on Z with Bounded Jumps
In memory of Vadim Malyshev
Asymptotic Normality of Degree Counts in a General Preferential Attachment Model
Bifurcations in the Coupon Collector's Problem for Two Special Discrete Renewal Processes and Related Aspects of the Loss Mass Problem
Regular Dynamics and Collisions Inside Classical Closed String
Discrete Harmonic Functions for Non-Symmetric Laplace Operators in the Quarter Plane
Approximation of the Likelihood Function for Stochastic Differential Equations with Markovian Switching
Gibbs Point Processes on Path Space: Existence, Cluster Expansion and Uniqueness
On the Metastability of a Loss Network with Diminishing Rates} \runtit{On the metastability
An Epidemic Model in Inhomogeneous Environment
Energy Escape to Infinity for Systems with Infinite Number of Particles
Infinite Chain of Harmonic Oscillators under the Action of the Stationary Stochastic Force
Toy Model of Shock Flow
Stochastic Growth Models without Classical Branching Processes
Gibbsianness of Locally Thinned Random Fields
Optimal quenched CLT rates of convergence
Almost Gibbsian Measures on a Cayley Tree
Generalised Oriented Site Percolation
Generalized Hypergeometric Distributions Generated by Birth-Death Proc ess in Bioinformatics
Equilibrium Fluctuations for the Symmetric Exclusion Process on a Compact Riemannian Manifold
The Moments of the Generalized Negative Binomial Distribution and Recurrence Time in Discrete Time Markov Chains
Cutoff Phenomenon for Cyclic Dynamics on Hypercube
Cutoff Phenomenon of the Glauber Dynamics for the Ising Model on Complete Multipartite Graphs in the High Temperature Regime
Diffusive to Super-diffusive Behavior in Boundary Driven Exclusion
Evolution of Gaussian Concentration Bounds under Diffusions
Planar Random Walk in a Stratified Quasi-periodic Environment
A Central Limit Theorem for the Number of Descents and Some Urn Models
Quantitative Evaluation of an Active Chemotaxis Model in Discrete Tim e
Remarks on Large-Scale Effects of Smoothing Mechanisms in 3D Reaction-Diffusion Equations
On Energy Solutions to Stochastic Burgers Equation
Critical Gaussian Multiplicative Chaos: a Review
A Local CLT for Linear Statistics of 2D Coulomb Gases
Conformal Measure Ensembles and Planar Ising Magnetization: A Review
Conformal Invariance and Renormalization Group
Universality for Critical Lines in Ising, Vertex and Dimer Models
Markov and almost Markov properties
Higher-order Hydrodynamics and Equilibrium Fluctuations of Interacting Particle Systems
Large Deviations for Brownian Motion in Evolving Riemannian Manifolds
Invariant Measures for Spatial Contact Model in Small Dimensions
A Second Order Expansion in the Local Limit Theorem for a Branching System of Symmetric Irreducible Random Walks
Rate of Convergence in the Strong Law of Large Numbers for Markov Random Walks
Introduction to Micro Life of Graphs. I.
Particle Dynamics in Time-Dependent Coulomb Field
Static Charged Clusters
Short Course on Fundamentals of Mathematics. Part I
Asymptotics of Continuous-Time Discrete State Space Branching Processes for Large Initial State
Sharp Phase Transition for the Random-Cluster Model with Summable External Magnetic Field
Equivalence of the Grand Canonical Ensemble and the Canonical Ensemble of 1d-Lattice Systems
Conditions for Some Non Stationary Random Walks in the Quarter Plane to Be Singular or of Genus 0
An Improved Variant of Simulated Annealing that Converges Under Fast Cooling
On the Limiting Shape of Young Diagrams Associated with Markov Random Words
Limit Theorems for the Minimal Position of a Branching Random Walk in Random Environment
Exponential convergence in supercritical kinetically constrained models
Local Limits for String of Frozen Characters
On Representation of Excessive Measures for S-Subordinated Markov Processes
Quadratic Stochastic Processes of Type $\boldsymbol{(\sigma|\mu)}$
Best Feelings to True Friend
Pour Un Ami
Capital Accumulation with Constraint: A Mean Field Type Control Framework
Ergodicity of Some Dynamics of DNA Sequences
Tails in a Fixed-Point Problem for a Branching Process with State-Independent Immigration
Generalized inverses and Lebesgue decomposition
Some Explicit Distributions for Brownian Motion Indexed by the Brownian Tree
The SRPT Service Policy with Frequency Scaling: Modeling, Evaluation and Optimization
Boundary Behavior of Random Walks in Cones
An Infinite-Server System with L\'evy Shot-Noise Modulation: Moments and Asymptotics
Cyclic Random Motions with Orthogonal Directions
Sharp Estimate of the Mean Exit Time of a Bounded Domain in the Zero White Noise Limit
Truncation in Duality and Intertwining Kernels} \runtit{Duality and intertwining
Phase Transition for the Frog Model on Biregular Trees
A Law of Large Numbers for the Range of Rotor Walks on Periodic Trees
A Computational Approach to Bounding the Mixing Time of a Metropolis\tire Hastings Sampler
Probability Distributions of Multi-States Insurance Models under Semi-Markov Assumptions
Long Time Behavior of Infinite Harmonic Chain with $l_{2}$ Initial Conditions
Uniformly Bounded Initial Chaos in Large System Often Intensifies Infinitely
How Smooth Should be the System Initially to Escape Unbounded Chaos
Energy Growth of Infinite Harmonic Chain under Microscopic Random Influence
Asymptotically Solid Systems of Point Particles
Linear Dissipative Force as a Result of Discrete Time Collisions
Fixed Points for Simplest Piece-Wise Constant External Force
The Phases of a Discrete Flow of Particles on Graphs
One Particle Subspaces for $\boldsymbol{n}$ Particle Quantum Walks with Ultralocal Interaction
Gaussian Multiplicative Chaos Through the Lens of the 2D Gaussian Free Field
Universal Gap Statistics for Random Walks for a Class of Jump Densities
Non-Equilibrium Fluctuations for a Reaction-Diffusion Model via Relative Entropy
Odometers of Divisible Sandpile Models: Scaling Limits, iDLA and Obstacle Problems.
The Non-Equilibrium Ising Model in Two Dimensions: a Numerical Study
Critical Asymptotic Behaviour in the SIR model
Brownian Representation of a Floquet Basis
On the Well-Posedness of a Class of McKean Feynman\tire Kac Equations
Existence of Scaling Limit Phase Transition in a Two-Dimensional Random Polymer Model
Log-Sobolev Inequalities for Infinite-Dimensional Gibbs Measures with Non-Quadratic Interactions
Large Deviations for a Class of Parabolic Semilinear Stochastic Partial Differential Equations in Any Space Dimension
Random Walk on the Poincar\'{e} Disk Induced by a Group of M\"{o}bius Transformations
A.D. Soloviev (1927-2001)
The Alloy Model: Phase Transitions and Diagrams for a Rand om Energy Model with Mixtures
Geometric Random Graphs vs Inhomogeneous Random Graphs
On the Interrelation between Dependence Coefficients of Bivariate Extreme Value Copulas
On the Relationship of Energy and Probability in Models of Classical Statistical Physics
Branching Random Walks with Immigration. Lyapunov Stability
A Factorization Method in Boundary Crossing Problems for Random Walks
Stability of Multichannel Queueing Systems with Interruptions and Regenerative Input Flow
On Polynomial Recurrence for Reliability System with a Warm Reserve
Dynamical Gibbs-non-Gibbs Transitions in Curie\tire Weiss Widom\tire Rowlinson Models
Additive Geometric Stable Processes and Related Pseudo-Differential Operators
On Reproducing Kernels, and Analysis of Measures
On the Metastability in Three Modifications of the Ising Model
Convergence Implications via Dual Flow Method
Ergodicity Versus Non-Ergodicity for Probabilistic Cellular Automata on Rooted Trees
Slow to Fast Infinitely Extended Reservoirs for the Symmetric Exclusion Process with Long Jumps
A Dynamic Erd\H{o}s\tire R\'enyi Graph Model
A New Bivariate Binomial Time Series Model
Strong Stability and Uniform Ergodicity Estimates for the Waiting Proce ss in Queueing Models with Impatient Customers
Brownian Motion Between Two Random Trajectories
Limit Theorems for Supercritical MBPRE with Linear Fractional Offspring Distributions
Large Deviations for the Capacity in Dynamic Spatial Relay Networks} \runtit{Large deviations for the capacity in relay networks
Random Walk on a Randomly Oriented Honeycomb Lattice
The Several Dimensional Gambler's Ruin Problem
On the Number of Points Skipped by a Transient (1,2) Random Walk on the Lattice of the Positive Half Line
On the Moments of the Aggregate Discounted Claims with Dependence Between Inter-Arrival Times} \runtit{Moments of the aggregate discounted claims
Scaling of Sub-Ballistic 1D Random Walks Among Biased Random Conductances
Quenched Exit Times for Random Walk on Dynamical Percolation
On Some Lattice Random Walks Conditioned to Stay in Weyl Chambers} \runtit{Centered random walks in Weyl chambers
Asymptotic Period of an Aperiodic Markov Chain
The Sparse Blume\tire Emery\tire Griffiths Model of Associative Memories
Functional Equations as an Important Analytic Method in Stochastic Modelling and in Combinatorics
Large Deviations for Mean Field Processes
On Spectra and Spaces of Quasi-Invariant Measures
Convergence to Stable Limits for Ratios of Trimmed L\'evy Processes and their Jumps
Path Decomposition of a Spectrally Negative L\'evy Process, and Local Time of a Diffusion in This Environment
Bridges with Random Length: Gaussian-Markovian Case
Strict Decomposition of Diffusions Associated to Degenerate (Sub)-Elliptic Forms
Low-Temperature Interfaces: Prewetting, Layering, Faceting and Ferrari-Spohn Diffusions
Periodic States in Systems with Competing Interactions
Height fluctuations in interacting dimers
Random Tilings and Markov Chains for Interlacing Particles
Perfect Sampling Algorithms for Schur Processes
Convergence to equilibrium due to collisions with external particles
One particle subspaces for two particle quantum walks with ultralocal interaction
One-dimensional quantum walks with a general perturbation of the radius 1
Restricted three particle quantum walk on ${\bf Z_{\bf +}}$: explicit solution
Non-relativistic classical mechanics of point particles: shortest elementary introduction
Classical Microscopic Electrodynamics: short introduction
Project_1: Boltzmann Ergodicity Hypothesis
Project_2: Continuum Mechanics as Particle Mechanics
Project_3: Coulomb Mechanics
Project_4: Coulomb Networks
Project_5: Self-interaction of point particle and Newton-Lorentz-Maxwell consistensy
Project_6: Classical Physics without fields and even without space
Project_7: Review and comparison of various quantum dynamics
Order of the Fluctuation for the LCS and Optimal Alignment Score of Binary Sequences When the Rescaled Expectation Is Not Constant
A Spatial Epidemic Model with Site Contamination
Phase Transition for a Non-Attractive Infection Process in Heterogeneous Environment
Fragmentation Process, Pruning Poset for Rooted Forests, and M\"obius Inversion
Long Term Behaviour of Two Interacting Birth-and-Death Processes
On Strictly Monotone Markov Chains with Constant Hitting Probabilities and Applications to a Class of Beta Coalescents
Ergodicity of $\mathbf{p}$-Majorizing Quadratic Stochastic Operators
Generalised Brownian Bridges: Examples
Phase Transitions for Mean Field Processes
Reciprocal of the First Hitting Time of the Boundary of Dihedral Wedges by a Radial Dunkl Process
Weakly Self-Interacting Velocity Jump Processes for Bacterial Chemotaxis and Adaptive Algorithms
On a Class of Time-Fractional Continuous-State Branching Processes
Gradient Gibbs Measures and Fuzzy Transformations on Trees
The Scaling Limit of a Particle System with Long-Range Interaction
Stochastic Dividend Discount Model: Risk and Return
The Binomial and Negative Binomial Distribution in Discrete Time Markov Chains
Turing Instability in a Model with Two Interacting Ising Lines: Hydrodynamic Limit
Densities of Biased Voter Models on Finite Sets Converge to Feller's Branching Diffusion
Exploration Processes and SLE_{6}
Uniform Convergence Rates for Birth and Death Processes
Monotonicity Requirements for Efficient Exact Sampling with Markov Chains
Transfer Operators, Induced Probability Spaces, and Random Walk Models
Constructions of Markov Processes in Random Environments Which Lead to a Product Form of the Stationary Measure
A Two-Dimensional Oblique Extension of Bessel Processes
Large Deviations for Some Corner Growth Models with Inhomogeneity
The Deterministic Limit of the Moran Model: a Uniform Central Limit Theorem
On Actions on Cubic Stochastic Matrices
Markov Control with Rare State Observation: Average Optimality
The Asymptotics of Group Russian Roulette
Quantitative Exponential Bounds for the Renewal Theorem with Spread-Out Distributions
A Simple Rank-Based Markov Chain with Self-Organized Criticality
Random Walks on Graphs Induced by Aperiodic Tilings
Non-Homogeneous Random Walks on a Half Strip with Generalized Lamperti Drifts
Precise Tail Asymptotics for Attracting Fixed Points of Multivariate Smoothing Transformations
Phase Transition in the KMP Model with Slow/Fast Boundaries
Random Dynamical Systems with Systematic Drift Competing with Heavy-Tailed Randomness
Annealed Invariance Principle for Random Walks on Random Graphs Generated by Point Processes in $R^d$
Standardness of Monotonic Markov Filtrations
On the Conditional Moment-Generating Function of a Three-Factor Variance Gamma Based Process and Its Applications to Forward and Futures Pricing
Stationary States of the Generalized Jackson Networks
Small Time Almost Sure Comparisons Between a L\'{e}vy Process and its Maximal Jump Processes
Survival in Locally and Globally Changing Environments
Law of Large Numbers in Law: What Follows?
Berman-Konsowa Principle for Reversible Markov Jump Processes
A Comparison Between Different Cycle Decompositions for Metropolis Dynamics
Noise-Induced Phase Slips, Log-Periodic Oscillations, and the Gumbel Distribution
Attractor Properties of Non-Reversible Dynamics w.r.t.~Invariant Gibbs Measures on the Lattice
On the Duality Between Consensus Problems and Markov Processes, with Application to Delay Systems
Stochastic Center Manifold Analysis in Scalar Nonlinear Systems Involving Distributed Delays and Additive Noise
Delays as Regulators of the Dynamics of Genetic Circuits
An SDE Approximation for Stochastic Differential Delay Equations with State-Dependent Colored Noise
Special issue containing papers presented at the meetings
A Stochastic Interpretation of the Cauchy Problem Solution for the Equation $\boldsymbol{\partial_tu= (\sigma^2 /2) \Delta u+V(x)u}$ with Complex $\boldsymbol{\sigma}$
A Critical Account of Perturbation Analysis of Markov Chains
On Planar Random Walks in Environments Invariant by Horizontal Translations
Reduced Two-Type Decomposable Critical Branching Processes with Possibly Infinite Variance
On Four State Hard Core Models on the Cayley Tree
The Speed of Frogs With Drift on $Z$
The Two-Scale Approach to Hydrodynamic Limits for Non-Reversible Dynamics
A Model for Neural Activity in the Absence of External Stimuli
Phase Transition for a Contact Process with Random Slowdowns
Random Flights Related to the Euler-Poisson- Darboux Equation}
Large Deviations for Solution of Random Recurrence Equation
Aging in the GREM-like Trap Model
Constrained Information Transmission on Erdos - Renyi Graphs
STIT Process and Trees
The Large Deviation Principle for a Stochastic Korteweg\tire de Vries Equation with Additive Noise
Entrance and Sojourn Times for Markov Chains. Application to $\boldsymbol{(L,R)}$-random walks
Information Recovery from Observations by a Random Walk Having Jump Distribution with Exponential Tails
Continuous Time Random Walk in Dynamic Random Environment
Random Walks in the Quarter-Plane: Advances in Explicit Criterions for the Finiteness of the Associated Group in the Genus 1 Case
Discrete Alloy-Type Models: Regularity of Distributions and Recent Results
Many-Body Localization: Concepts and Simple Models
Statistical Curse of the Second Half Rank, Eulerian Numbers and Stirling Numbers
Diffusive Scaling for All Moments of the Markov Anderson Model
Examples of Random Schr\"odinger-Type Operators with Non-Poissonian Spectra
Definition and Self-Adjointness of the Stochastic Airy Operator
Global Asymptotics for the Christoffel\tire Darboux Kernel of Random Matrix Theory
Large Deviations for the Local Times of a Random Walk among Random Conductances in a Growing Box
AC-Conductivity and Electromagnetic Energy Absorption for the Anderson Model in Linear Response Theory
An Invitation to Trees of Finite Cone Type: Random and Deterministic Operators
Random Matrices and Quantum Spin Chains
Optimal Wegner Estimate and the Density of States for N-body, Interacting Schr\"odinger Operators with Random Potentials
High-Dimensional Random Fields and Random Matrix Theory
Level Repulsion for a Class of Decaying Random Potentials
Statistical Theory of the Atom in Momentum Space
On the Regularity of the Conditional Distribution of the Sample Mean
A Self-Interaction Leading to Fluctuations of Order $\boldsymbol{n^{5/6}}$
An Absorbing Eigentime Identity
Derivation of Stefan Problem from a One-Dimensional Exclusion Process with Speed Change
A Note on the Harnack Inequality Related with the Martin Boundary
Some asymptotic formulae for Bessel process
Absorption Time and Tree Length of the Kingman Coalescent and the Gumbel Distribution
Some New Insights into Kolmogorov's Criterion, with Applications to Hysteretic Queues
On the Skewness Parameter Estimation for Stable Distributions
Liouville Ergodicity of Linear Multi-Particle Hamiltonian System with One Marked Particle Velocity Flips
Regeneration of extremal particles for one-dimensional contact processes
Localization and Chern Numbers for Weakly Disordered BdG Operators
First passage times of Levy processes over a one-sided moving boundary
Non-random overshoots of Levy processes
Critical Densities in Sandpile Models with Quenched or Annealed Disorder} \runtit{Critical densities in sandpile models
Stability of Random Admissible-Set Scheduling in Spatially Continuous Wireless Systems
GUE Minors, Maximal Brownian Functionals and Longest Increasing Subsequences in Random Words
Log-Sobolev and Nash Inequalities for Discrete-Time Finite Markov Chains
Eigenvalue Variance Bounds for Covariance Matrices
Description of All Translation-Invariant $\boldsymbol{p}$-Adic Gibbs Measures for the Potts Model on a Cayley Tree
Gibbsian and Non-Gibbsian Properties of the Generalized Mean-Field Fuzzy Potts-Model
Random Walk with Heavy Tail and Negative Drift Conditioned by Its Minimum and Final Values
Propagation of Gibbsianness for Infinite-Dimensional Diffusions with Space-Time Interaction
On the Long Time Behaviour of Stochastic Vortices Systems
The Logarithmic Sobolev Inequality for Gibbs Measures on Infinite Product of Heisenberg Groups
Quenched Invariance Principle for the Random Walk on the Penrose Tiling
The Probabilistic Approximation of the Dirichlet Initial Boundary Value Problem Solution for the Equation $\partial u/\partial t=(\sigma^2/2)/\Delta u$ With a Complex Parameter $\sigma$
Multivariate High-Frequency Financial Data via Semi-Markov Processes
Finite-time Ruin Probability of Aggregate Gaussian Processes
Markov Processes Associated With Fully Nondiagonal Systems of Parabolic Equations
Simple Proof of Dynkin's Formula for Single-Server Systems and Polynomial Convergence Rates
Risky Investment for Insurers and Sufficiency Theorems for the Survival Probability
Strong Limit Theorems for the Risk Process with Stochastic Premiums
From Level 2.5 to Level 2 Large Deviations for Continuous Time Markov Chains
A Curie - Weiss Model of Self-Organized Criticality: The Gaussian Case
Feynman - Kac Formula for Levy Processes and Semiclassical (Euclidean) Momentum Representation
Incipient Infinite Cluster in 2D Ising Percolation
The Outliers Among the Singular Values of Large Rectangular Random Matrices with Additive Fixed Rank Deformation
On the measure division construction of $\Lambda$-coalescents
Convergence Rates for a Supercritical Branching Process in a Random Environment
A Conditional Quenched CLT for Random Walks Among Random Conductances on $Z^d$
A Mean Field Approximation of the Bolker - Pacala Population Model
On the Spectral Density of Large Sample Covariance Matrices with Markov Dependent Columns
Asymptotic Independence for Stationary State of Mean Field Markov Process
On "Asymptotic Independence..." by V.M. Gertsik
Fluctuation theorems for stochastic interacting particle systems
Parabolic SPDEs and Intermittency
Lines and Networks
A Monte Carlo Approach to the Fluctuation Problem in Optimal Alignments of Random Strings
Anisotropic Percolation on Slabs
A stochastic model for the evolution of the influenza virus
The Donsker's Theorem for Levy Stable Motions via Mallows Distance
Trait Substitution Trees on Two Time Scales Analysis
Convergence to Gibbs Equilibrium - Unveiling the Mystery
Parrondo Games with Spatial Dependence and a Related Spin System, II
On Deterministic Markov Processes: Expandability and Related Topics
Strict Monotonicity Properties in One-dimensional Excited Random Walks
On Last Passage Times of Linear Diffusions to Curved Boundaries
On Penalisation Results Related with a Remarkable Class of Submartingales
Waiting Time Random Variables: Upper Bounds
Kinetically Constrained Spin Models, Glasses and Coalescence Processes.
Fredrickson - Andersen One Spin Facilitated Model out of Equilibrium
The East Model: Recent Results and New Progresses
Fast and Slow, Adiabatic and Geometric Effects in Nonequilibrium Dynamics
Kramers' Law: Validity, Derivations and Generalisations
Quasi Stationary Distributions and Fleming - Viot Processes
Markov Processes with Redistribution
Simulation of Quasi-Stationary Distributions on Countable Spaces
Uniform Tightness for Time-Inhomogeneous Particle Systems and for Conditional Distributions of Time-Inhomogeneous Diffusion Processes
Lifson - Poland - Scheraga Models of DNA
Models of DNA Denaturation Dynamics: Universal Properties
Ruelle - Perron - Frobenius Operator Approach to the Annealed Pinning Model with Gaussian Long-Range Correlated Disorder
Parrondo Games with Spatial Dependence and a Related Spin System
Point Processes with Papangelou Conditional Intensity: From the Skorohod Integral to the Dirichlet Form
On Spectral Analysis of Heavy-Tailed Kolmogorov-Pearson Diffusions
Regularity of the Characteristic Function of Additive Functionals for Iterated Function Systems. Statistical Applications
Elementary Results on K Processes with Weights
Persistent Random Walks, Variable Length Markov Chains and Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes
Markov Approximation of Chains of Infinite Order in the $\bar{d}$-metric
A Non-Linear Model of Trading Mechanism on a Financial Market
The Geometry of Markov Chain Limit Theorems
Convergence in Total Variation of an Affine Random Recursion in $[0,p)^{k}$ to a Uniform Random Vector
A Note on the Convergence of Probability Functions of Markov Chains
Duality and Cones of Markov Processes and Their Semigroups
Bipartite Stable Poisson Graphs on R
Lyapunov Exponents of Brownian Motion: Decay Rates for Scaled Poissonian Potentials and Bounds
Obtaining Measure Concentration from Markov Contraction
Bacterial Persistence: a Winning Strategy?
Penalisation of the Symmetric Random Walk by Several Functions of the Supremum
Uniform Asymptotics of Ruin Probabilities for Levy Processes
Limit Theorems for Bessel Processes in General Dimension d
On p-adic Gibbs Measures for Hard Core Model on a Cayley Tree
Harmonic Chain with Weak Dissipation
Biconnected Graphs and the Multivariate Virial Expansion
Number of Eigenvalues of the Three-Particle Schrodinger Operators on Lattices
Random Walk on Z with One-Point Inhomogeneity
Double Annealing Regimes in the Multiple Birth-and-Death Stochastic Algorithms
Decay of Correlations in a Quantum Gas with Hard Core Potential
Random Point Field Approach to Analysis of Anisotropic Bose - Einstein Condensations
Discrete Time TASEP in Heterogeneous Continuum
Gibbs Measures of Disordered Lattice Systems with Unbounded Spins
Regular Phase in a Model of Microtubule Growth
A Coupling Construction for Spin Systems with Infinite Range Interactions
Quenched Large Deviations for Glauber Evolution with Kac Interaction and Random Field
Branching Diffusions in Random Environment
On the Generalization of the GMS Evolutionary Model
Notes on Finitary Isomorphism Markers in Countable State Markov Processes
Jumps of the Canonical Process Associated with a Ray Semigroup
Markov Chains, Products of Random Matrices, and the Main Problem of Modern Eschatology
Laplacian Interface Models with Strictly Convex Potential
Variance Reduction in Stochastic Homogenization Using Antithetic Variables
Stochastic Geometry and Statistical Mechanics
Helffer - Sjostrand Representation for Conservative Dynamics
Towards Conformal Invariance and a Geometric Representation of the 2D Ising Magnetization Field
Abelian Sandpiles: An Overview and Results on Certain Transitive Graphs
On Some Classes of Open Two-Species Exclusion Processes
Isoperimetric Constants and Spectral Properties for Time Reversible Markov Chains
Brownian Motion in a Truncated Weyl Chamber
On Convergence to Equilibrium Distribution for Dirac Equation
Markov Property of Determinantal Processes with Extended Sine, Airy, and Bessel Kernels
The Sample Path Large Deviations Rate Function of Cumulated I.I.D. Continuous-Time Markov Chains
Random Walks in the Quarter-Plane with Zero Drift: an Explicit Criterion for the Finiteness of the Associated Group
On a Generalized Mixed AR(1) Time Series Model
On the Equivalence Between Liggett Duality of Markov Processes and the Duality Relation Between Their Generators
Classical Behavior of the Integrated Density of States for the Uniform Magnetic Field and a Randomly Perturbed Lattice
Moderate Deviations for the Size of the Largest Component in a Super-critical Erdos - Renyi Graph
Hydrodynamic Limit for Exclusion Processes with Velocity
Moment Closure in a Moran Model with Recombination
Second Order Asymptotics for Brownian Motion in a Heavy Tailed Poissonian Potential
Two-scale Multitype Contact Process: Coexistence in Spatially Explicit Metapopulations
Dependent Particle Deposition on a Graph: Concentration Properties of the Height Profile
CLT for the Proportion of Infected Individuals for an Epidemic Model on a Complete Graph
Hydrodynamics for a Non-Conservative Interacting Particle System
A Stochastic Model of Evolution
A Classification of Deterministic Hunt Processes with Some Applications
A Class of Nonlinear Random Walks Related to the Ornstein - Uhlenbeck Process
Estimation of Stationary Productivity of One-Phase System with a Storage
SPDE Approximation for Random Trees
Stochastic Domination for the Last Passage Percolation Model
Analysis of the Large Deviations Rate Functions for the Finite-Dimensional Marginal Distributions of Cumulated I.I.D. Continuous-Time Markov Chains
On the Distributions of the State Sizes of the Closed Discrete-Time Homogeneous Markov System with Finite State Capacities (HMS/c)
Berry-Esseen Inequalities for the Discretely Observed Ornstein-Uhlenbeck-Gamma Process
Isoperimetry for Product of Probability Measures: Recent Results
Transport Inequalities. A Survey
Transformations of One-Dimensional Gibbs Measures with Infinite Range Interaction
Linear and Nonlinear Concentration Phenomena
The Random Matrix Technique of Ghosts and Shadows
Parking in the City: An Example of Limited Resource Sharing
On the Numerical Evaluation of Distributions in Random Matrix Theory: A Review
The Logarithmic Sobolev Inequality in Infinite Dimensions for Unbounded Spin Systems on the Lattice with Non-Quadratic Interactions
On the Holonomy or Algebraicity of Generating Functions Counting Lattice Walks in the Quarter-Plane
Averaging and Large Deviation Principles for Fully-Coupled Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes and Applications to Molecular Motors
The Eyring - Kramers Law for Potentials with Nonquadratic Saddles
Martingale Functions of Brownian Motion and its Local Time
Finite Connections for Supercritical Bernoulli Bond Percolation in 2D
Absence of Breakdown of the Poisson Hypothesis. I. Closed Networks at Low Load
On the Theory of Cluster Expansions
Mean Field Markov Models of Wireless Local Area Networks
Branching Processes in Random Environment which Extinct at a Given Moment
Angular Asymptotics for Multi-Dimensional Non-Homogeneous Random Walks with Asymptotically Zero Drift
Ergodicity of a Stress Release Point Process Seismic Model with Aftershocks
An Alternating Risk Reserve Process - Part I
An Alternating Risk Reserve Process - Part II
Foreword - After 15 Years
Erasure Entropies and Gibbs Measures
Convergence of a Kinetic Equation to a Fractional Diffusion Equation
On a Response Formula and Its Interpretation
A Non-commutative Levy - Cramer Continuity Theorem
The Discrete and Continuum Broken Line Process
Hyperbolic Scaling Limits: The Method of Compensated Compactness
Large Deviation Principle for One-Dimensional Random Walk in Dynamic Random Environment: Attractive Spin-Flips and Simple Symmetric Exclusion
Dynamics of Metrics in Measure Spaces and Their Asymptotic Invariants
Existence and Uniqueness of the Stationary Measure in the Continuous Abelian Sandpile
Space-time Correlations of a Gaussian Interface
Gibbsian Characterization for the Reversible Measures of Interacting Particle Systems
A Particle System on the Tree with Unusual Asymptotic Behavior
Large Deviations for Branching Processes in Random Environment
Survival and Growth of a Branching Random Walk in Random Environment
Stopped Markov Processes and Applications to the Dirichlet Problem in a Smooth Domain
Transformations of Markov Processes and Classification Scheme for Solvable Driftless Diffusions
Dynamics of Phase Boundary with Particle Annihilation
Large Deviations for Singular and Degenerate Diffusion Models in Adaptive Evolution
Introduction to Stochastic Models for Evolution
Survival, Extinction and Ergodicity in a Spatially Continuous Population Model
Ancestral Problems in Population Genetics. A Short Introduction
The Allelic Partition for Coalescent Point Processes
On the Time Back to the Most Recent Common Ancestor and the External Branch Length of the Bolthausen - Sznitman Coalescent
Family Trees: Languages and Genetics
The Kac Master Equation with Unbounded Collision Rate
Phase Transition for a System of Two Species in Competition
Quasi-Stationary Distributions for Reducible Absorbing Markov Chains in Discrete Time
Homo- and Hetero-Polymers in the Mean-Field Approximation
Measure-Valued Differentiation for the Cycle Cost Performance in the G/G/1 Queue in the Presence of Heavy-Tailed Distributions
The Curie-Weiss Model with Dynamical External Field
Scaling Limit and Aging for Directed Trap Models
Recurrence for the Frog Model with Drift on Z
Torpid Mixing of the Swapping Chain on Some Simple Spin Glass Models
On Gibbsianness of Random Fields
The Critical Temperature of a Directed Polymer in a Random Environment
Exchange Processes with a Local Interaction: Invariant Bernoulli Measures
Acceleration of Lamplighter Random Walks
Two-Scale Contact Process and Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Metapopulations
Random Walks in Clifford Algebras of Arbitrary Signature as Walks on Directed Hypercubes
Random Jumps in Evolving Random Environment
An Urn Model and the Odds Ratio-Based Design for Clinical Trials
A Functional Central Limit Theorem for Regenerative Chains
Small Noise Asymptotics of Traveling Waves
Repeated Interaction Quantum Systems
From Combinatorics to Large Deviations for the Invariant Measures of Some Multiclass Particle Systems
Linear Response Theory for Random Schroedinger Operators and Noncommutative Integration
Transport Fluctuations in Pauli - Fierz Models: the Role of Master Equations
On and beyond Entropy Production: the Case of Markov Jump Processes
Stationary and Nonequilibrium Fluctuations in Boundary Driven Exclusion Processes
Front Propagation in an Exclusion One-dimensional Reactive Dynamics
Large Deviations for Random Matrix Ensembles in Mesoscopic Physics
Determinant Solution for the TASEP with Particle-dependent Hopping Probabilities on a Ring
Spatial and Non-spatial Stochastic Models for Immune Response
Explicit Formulas for Laplace Transforms of Stochastic Integrals
Reinforced Random Walk on the d-dimensional Integer Lattice
Height Process for Super-critical Continuous State Branching Process
How to Clean a Dirty Floor: Probabilistic Potential Theory and the Dobrushin Uniqueness Theorem
A Functional Central Limit Theorem for Interacting Particle Systems on Transitive Graphs
Recurrence and Transience for Branching Random Walks in an I.I.D. Random Environment
Fluid Limit of a Heavily Loaded EDF Queue with Impatient Customers
A Remark on the Nonequivalence of the Time-Zero $\phi_3^4$-Measure with the Free Field Measure
A Very Brief Report of the SLE Day at IHP
Random Curves and the Antiferromagnetic Transition in the Two-Dimensional Potts Model
Random Polymers - a Short Introduction
Ivy on the Ceiling: First-Order Polymer Depinning Transitions with Quenched Disorder
Weak Disorder for Low Dimensional Polymers: The Model of Stable Laws
Infinite Volume Limits of Polymer Chains with Periodic Charges
Random Polymers and Delocalization Transitions
Randomly Coloured Self-Avoiding Walks: Adsorption and Localization
Functional Renormalization for Disordered Systems. Basic Recipes and Gourmet Dishes
Long Range Order and Giant Components of Quantum Random Graphs
Ladder Sandpiles
Bulk Diffusion of 1D Exclusion Process with Bond Disorder
Hydrodynamic Limit for the A+B->O Model
A Note on the Annealed Free Energy of the p-Spin Hopfield Model
Existence of Phase Transition for Heavy-Tailed Continuum Percolation
Volterra Bridges and Applications
Quasicumulants and Limit Theorems in Case of the Cauchy Limiting Law
Correction to `A Polyhedral Markov Field - Pushing the Arak - Surgailis Construction into Three Dimensions' (Markov Processes and Related Fields 12, 43-58 (2006))
A One Dimensional Analysis of Turbulence and Its Intermittence for the d-dimensional Stochastic Burgers Equation
First-Order Transitions for Very Nonlinear Sigma Models
On the Free Energy of a Directed Polymer in a Brownian Environment
From Ising to Haagerup
The Condensate Equation for Non-Homogeneous Bosons
On Environment-Assisted Capacities of Quantum Channels
Recent Progress in Quantum Spin Systems
Lowest Lyapunov Exponents for the Armchair Nanotube
Properties of Conjugate Channels with Applications to Additivity and Multiplicativity
Can the Quantum Measurement Problem Be Resolved within the Framework of Schroedinger Dynamics?
Bose-Einstein Condensation in the Luttinger-Sy Model
John T. Lewis (1932-2004)
Wiener Integrals for Centered Powers of Bessel Processes, I
Using Estimated Entropy in a Queueing System with Dynamic Routing
Large and Moderate Deviations for Matching Problems and Empirical Discrepancies
The Action Functional for the Jackson Network
Large Deviations for a Model of Excess of Loss Re-Insurance
Covariant Mehler Semigroups in Hilbert Space
A Double Dilation Constructed from a Double Product of Rotations
On the Generators of Quantum Stochastic Operator Cocycles
Poisson Approximation for Large Clusters in the Supercritical FK Model
Local Stationarity for Lattice Dynamics in the Harmonic Approximation
Bounds for Avalanche Critical Values of the Bak - Sneppen Model
Competition between Growths Governed by Bernoulli Percolation
Self-Avoiding Random Walks on Homogeneous Trees
Gibbs Measures for Self-Interacting Wiener Paths
A Functional Limit Theorem for the Position of a Particle in a Lorentz Type Model
Stavskaya's Measure Is Weakly Gibbsian
The Critical Branching Markov Chain Is Transient
Ruelle's Probability Cascades Seen as a Fragmentation Process
Directed Polymers up to the L_2 Threshold
Measure-Valued Differentiation for Random Horizon Problems
Distribution of the k-Multiple Point Range in the Closed Simple Random Walk I
On the Local Times and Boundary Properties of Reflected Diffusions with Jumps in the Positive Orthant
Laplace's Method and High Temperature Generalized Hopfield Models
Multi-Class Processes, Dual Points and M/M/1 Queues
One-Dimensional Stochastic Growth and Gaussian Ensembles of Random Matrices
Large Deviations for a Point Process of Bounded Variability
Point Processes with Specified Low Order Correlations
Last-Passage Percolation with General Weight Distribution
Questions for Second Class Particles in Exclusion Processes
Broken Ergodicity in Driven One-Dimensional Particle Systems with Short-Range Interaction
Bethe Ansatz and Current Distribution for the TASEP with Particle-Dependent Hopping Rates
Different Aspects of a Model for Random Fragmentation Processes
Asymptotic and NumericalStudies of the Becker - Doring Model for Transient Homogeneous Nucleation
Long-Time Behaviour and Self-Similarity in a Coagulation Equation with Input of Monomers
A Distance for Coagulation
Notes on Brownian Coagulation
Invariants and Exponential Rate of Convergence to Steady State in the Renewal Equation
The Coagulating Brownian Particles and Smoluchowski's Equation
Upper Bounds for Transition Probabilities on Graphs and Isoperimetric Inequalities
Some Properties of the Rate Function of Quenched Large Deviations for Random Walk in Random Environment
A Polyhedral Markov Field - Pushing the Arak-Surgailis Construction into Three Dimensions
Probabilistic Approach to Systems of Nonlinear PDEs and Vanishing Viscosity Method
Kinetic Equations for the Pure Jump Models of k-nary Interacting Particle Systems
Markov Branching Processes with Immigration and Resurrection
Correction to `Statistical Mechanics of Nonlinear Elasticity' (Markov Processes and Related Fields, 2002, v.8, 351-364)
Nucleation Pattern at Low Temperature for Local Kawasaki Dynamics in Two Dimensions
The Empirical Eigenvalue Distribution of a Gram Matrix: From Independence to Stationarity
A Dynamical Surface Interacting with Rarefied Walls
Ergodicity and Reversibility of the Minimal Diffusion Process
Laplace Transforms for Integrals of Markov Processes
Equivalence of Ensembles for Coloured Particles in a Disordered Lattice Gas
Organized Versus Self-Organized Criticality in the Abelian Sandpile Model
Bootstrap Central Limit Theorem for Chains of Infinite Order via Markov Approximations
On Convergence to Equilibrium of Infinite Closed Jackson Networks
Asymptotic Analysis of a Particle System with Mean-Field Interaction
Large Deviation Principle for the Single Point Catalytic Super-Brownian Motion
An Ising-Type Model for Spatio-Temporal Interactions
Generalized Susceptibilities for a Perfect Quantum Gas
Energy Gap Estimates in XXZ Ferromagnets and Stochastic Particle Systems
Path Integral Representations for the Spin-Pinned Quantum XXZ Chain
Expansions for Droplet States in the Ferromagnetic XXZ Heisenberg Chain
The Large-Spin Asymptotics of the Ferromagnetic XXZ Chain
One-Mode Bose - Einstein Condensation and Bogoliubov Theory
New Trends in Interacting Particle Systems
Statistical Properties of Genealogical Trees
Multilevel Particle Systems and the Study of Biological Evolution
Thermodynamic Limit of the Abelian Sandpile Model on $Z^d$
Fixed Points for Stochastic Open Chemical Systems
Connections Between `Self-Organised' and `Classical' Criticality
Long-Run Behavior of Games with Many Players
Space Structures and Different Scales for Many-Component Biosystems
Global Existence of Bell's Time-Inhomogeneous Jump Process for Lattice Quantum Field Theory
A Note on the Free Energy of the Coupled System in the Sherrington - Kirkpatrick Model
A Note on Matrix Multiplicative Cascades and Bindweeds
Fluctuations of the Free Energy and Overlaps in the High-Temperature p-Spin SK and Hopfield Models
On Convergence to Equilibrium Distribution for Schrodinger Equation
Existence and Some Properties of Gibbs Measures in the Continuum
Central Limit Theorems for the Free Energy of the Modified Gardner Model
Asymptotic Radial Speed of the Support of Supercritical Branching Brownian Motion and Super-Brownian Motion in $R^d$
A Limit Theorem for the Wick Exponential of the Free Lattice Fields
A Note on the Asymptotics for the Maximum on a Random Time Interval of a Random Walk
Perturbations of the Symmetric Exclusion Process
Fluctuations of the Local MagneticnField in Frustrated Mean-Field Ising Models
Percolation Connectivity in the Highly Supercritical Regime
On the Class of Nilpotent Markov Chains, I. The Spectrum of Covariance Operator
Space-Time Asymptotics of an Infinite-Dimensional Diffusion Having a Long-Range Memory
Rates of Convergence of the Diaconis - Holmes - Neal Markov Chain Sampler with a V-Shaped Stationary Probability
Exit Time for a Reaction Diffusion Model
Gibbsian Properties and Convergence of the Iterates for the Block Averaging Transformation
On Gibbsianness of Infinite-Dimensional Diffusions
On the Variational Principle for Generalized Gibbs Measures
Chains and Specifications
About the Long Range Exclusion Process
Gibbs Properties of the Fuzzy Potts Model on Trees and in Mean Field
Gibbs under Stochastic Dynamics?
Some Generic Results in Mathematical Physics
Gibbs vs. Non-Gibbs in the Equilibrium Ensemble Approach to Disordered Systems
How Non-Gibbsianness Helps a Metastable Morita Minimizer to Provide a Stable Free Energy
Equilibrium Fluctuations for an Interacting Brownian Particles Process
A Stochastic Model for Competing Growth on R^d.
Large Deviations for Random Fields on $Z^d$ with Unbounded Interaction
On the Survival Probability and a Functional Limit Theorem for Branching Processes in Random Environment
Convergence Properties of Quasi-Particles of Various Species in the Stochastic Blume-Capel Model
The Brownian Bridge Asymptotics in the Subcritical Phase of Bernoulli Bond Percolation Model
Moderate Deviations for a Class of Mean-Field Models
Coexistence Results for a Spatial Stochastic Epidemic Model
Self-Avoiding Polygons: Sharp Asymptotics of Canonical Partition Functions Under the Fixed Area Constraint
Large Deviation Principle at Fixed Time in Glauber Evolutions
Regularity Properties of Potentials for Joint Measures of Random Spin Systems
Hydrodynamics of a Driven Lattice Gas with Open Boundaries: the Asymmetric Simple Exclusion
An Existence Result for Infinite-Dimensional Brownian Diffusions with Non-Regular and Non-Markovian Drift
On a Many-Dimensional Random Walk in a Rarefied Random Environment
Some New Conditions for the Existence of Singular Non-Symmetric Diffusions
Logarithmic Asymptotics for Unserved Messages at a FIFO
On the Euler - Poincare Characteristic of the Random Cluster Model,
Magnetic Response in Ideal Quantum Gases: the Thermodynamic Limit,
Invariant Measures for One-Dimensional Anderson Localisation,
The Spectral Theory of Adiabatic Quasi-Periodic Operators on the Real Line,
Correlation Functions of Characteristic Polynomials as Determinants of Integrable Kernels: Universality in the Dyson Limit,
High Disorder Localization for Random Schrodinger Operators Through Explicit Finite Volume Criteria,
Classical Magnetic Lifshits Tails in Three Space Dimensions: Impurity Potentials with Slow Anisotropic Decay,
Scattering from Subspace Potentials for Schrodinger Operators on Graphs,
Limit Theorem for Sums of Products of Random Variables,
Quasi 1D Localization: Deterministic and Random Potentials,
A Thermodynamic Limit of Relative Fredholm Determinant of Green Operators for Random Schrodinger Operators,
Random Schrodinger Operators on Manifolds,
A Survey of Rigorous Results on Random Schrodinger Operators for Amorphous Solids,
Low Temperature States of the Two and Three Dimensional Falicov - Kimball Models,
Spectral Asymptotics for the Perturbed 2D Pauli Operator with Oscillating Magnetic Fields. I. Non-Zero Mean Value of the Magnetic Field,
Lifshitz Tails for the 1D Bernoulli - Anderson Model,
Central Limit Theorems for Order Parameters of the Gardner Problem,
Contraction Estimates on Groups.
Glauber versus Kawasaki for Spectral Gap and Logarithmic Sobolev Inequalities of Some Unbounded Conservative Spin Systems
Survival Asymptotics for Branching Brownian Motion in a Poissonian Trap Field,
Random Walks on Randomly Oriented Lattices,
Extended Renovation Theory and Limit Theorems for Stochastic Ordered Graphs,
Stochastic Model of Trend Dynamics and a Density Dependent Population Process with Discontinuity,
On the Rate of Convergence to Equilibrium for Countable Ergodic Markov Chains,
Erratum and Addenda to ``Quantum Methods for Interacting Particle Systems II, Glauber Dynamics for Ising Spin Systems'',
Toward a Classification of Stochastically Stable Quenched Measures,
Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Minority Games,
The Infinite Volume Limit in Generalized Mean Field Disordered Models,
Rigorous Results on Some Simple Spin Glass Models,
Supersymmetry, Replica and Dynamic Treatments of Disordered Systems: a Parallel Presentation,
Supersymmetric Analysis of a Simplified Two-Dimensional Anderson Model at Small Disorder,
On Characteristic Polynomials of Random Hermitian Matrices: Gaussian Unitary Ensemble and its Chiral Counterpart,
Matrix Models and the Enumeration of Alternating Tangles,
Smoothness of the Averaged Density of States in a Random Band Matrix Model,
Last Branching in Directed Last Passage Percolation,
Interface Fluctuations in a Conserved System: Derivation and Long Time Behaviour,
Torpid Mixing of Swendsen - Wang Dynamics on Z^d for Low-temperature Non-ferromagnetic Disordered Systems,
On a Long Range Particle System with Unbounded Flip Rates,
Existence of Gibbs Measures Relative to Brownian Motion,
Nonlinear Processes Associated with the Discrete Smoluchowski Coagulation-Fragmentation Equation,
Stochastic Processes on Non-Archimedean Spaces with Values in Non-Archimedean Fields,
Negative Correlations and Particle Systems
Phase Transition for the Spherical Hierarchical Model
Log-Sobolev and Spectral Gap Inequalities for the Knapsack Markov Chain
Freidlin - Wentzell Type Large Deviations for Smooth Processes
A Random Environment Generalization of Lorden's Renewal Inequality
Bisexual Galton - Watson Branching Processes with Immigration of Females and Males. Asymptotic Behaviour
Piecewise Birth-Death Processes
Cluster Expansions of Small Contours in Abstract Pirogov - Sinai Models
Cluster Expansions and Pirogov - Sinai Theory for Long Range Spin Systems
Chaotic Size Dependence in the Ising Model with Random Boundary Conditions
Critical S0L systems
The Simplest Nearest-Neighbour Spin Systems on Regular Graphs: Time Dynamics of the Mean Coverage Function
Finite-Dimensional Functional Analysis Applied to Transfer Operators for Infinite-Dimensional Maps
Computing the Rate of Decay of Correlations in Expanding and Hyperbolic Systems
Stochastic Hamiltonian Systems: Exponential Convergence to the Invariant Measure, and Discretization by the Implicit Euler Scheme
Geometric Ergodicity of Some Hypo-Elliptic Diffusions for Particle Motions
Disks on a Sphere and Two-Dimensional Glasses
Approach to Equilibrium for Kac Master Equation
Hypercontractivity of Hamilton - Jacobi Equations
On the Trend to Equilibrium for Kinetic Equations
Relaxation to Equilibrium of Spin Exchange Dynamics for Lattice Gases
The Liquid and Vapor Phases in Particle Models with Kac Potentials
On the van der Waals Theory of Surface Tension
Free Energy Functionals in the Mesoscopic Description of Phase Transitions
Statistical Mechanics of Nonlinear Elasticity
Dynamic Fluctuations for Kac and Related Models
Cluster Expansions of Small Contours in Abstract Pirogov - Sinai Models
A Class of Renewal Processes Driven by a Birth and Death Process
On a Two-Temperature Problem for Wave Equation
Directed Polymers in Markov Random Media
Strong Law of Large Numbers for Branching Markov Chains
On the Decomposition of Excursions Measures of Processes Whose Generators Have Diffusion Coefficients Discontinuous at One Point
On Parameter Estimation for "Polynomial Ergodic" Markov Chains with Polynomial Growth Loss Functions
The Abelian Sandpile: a Mathematical Introduction
The Shape Theorem for the Frog Model with Random Initial Configuration
Essential Faces and Stability Conditions of Multiclass Networks with Priorities
Decay of Correlations for the Ginibre Gas Obeying Maxwell-Boltzmann Statistics
Geometric Expansion of the Log-Partition Function for the Ginibre Gas Obeying Maxwelltire Boltzmann Statistics
Balance between Selection and Mutation in a Spatial Stochastic Model
The Rate of Escape of Stable Ornsteintire Uhlenbeck Processes and the Scattering Theory for their Perturbations
Information Inequalities and a Dependent Central Limit Theorem
Mesoscopic Limit for Non-Isothermal Phase Transition
The Behaviour of the Specific Entropy in the Hydrodynamic Scaling Limit for Ginzburg - Landau Model
A Random Walk in a Quadratic Random Scenery
Large Deviations for Products of Empirical Measures of Dependent Sequences
Moments and Blackwell Convergence for Repairable Systems with Heavy Tailed Lifetimes
Pessimistic Approximations of the Reliability for Regenerative Models
Description of Random Fields by Means of One-Point Conditional Distributions and Some Applications
A General Non-Commutative Limit Theorem
Proof of a General Non-Commutative Central Limit Theorem Using a Feynman - Kac Representation
A Class of Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes
The Reversible Measures of Interacting Diffusion System with Plural Conservation Laws
Dynamics of Two Interacting Queues
Markov Renewal Theory for Stationary m-Block Factors
Branching Random Walk in Random Environment: Fully Quenched Case
Metastability and Relaxation of Processes. An Overview of Basic Notions and Issues
A Personal List of Unsolved Problems Concerning Lattice Gases and Antiferromagnetic Potts Models
Stochastic Dynamics for the Dilute Ising Lattice Gas: Results and Open Problems
Metastability and Nucleation for Conservative Dynamics
Dynamic Critical Behavior of Cluster Algorithms for 2D Ashkin-Teller and Potts Models
Case Studies in Torpid Mixing: Annotated Bibliography
The Conditional Boolean Model Revisited
Inequalities for the Occurrence Times of Rare Events in Mixing Processes. The State of the Art
The Life of Amoebas (of the Ising Model)
Systems out of Equilibrium
Entropy Production for Interacting Particle Systems
Entropy Driven Intermittency
Entropy Production in Classical and Quantum Systems
Monte-Carlo Approximations and Fluctuations for 2D Boltzmann Equations without Cutoff
Critical Droplet for a Non-Local Mean Field Equation
Annealed Moment Lyapunov Exponents for a Branching Random Walk in a Homogeneous Random Branching Environment
On the Absence of Non-Translationally Invariant Gibbs States in Two Dimensions
Sampling at a Random Time with a Heavy-Tailed Distribution
Algorithmical Unsolvability of the Ergodicity Problem for Binary Cellular Automata
Derivation of a Linear Boltzmann Equation for a Lattice Gas
Variational Principles in the Analysis of Traffic Flows (Why it is Worth to Go Against the Flow)
Duality for General Interacting Particle Systems
Lebowitz - Penrose Limit for Continuum Particle Systems
A Markov Chain Monte Carlo Study of the Beach Model
On Deterministic and Stochastic Sliding Modes via Small Diffusion Approximation
A Scaling Limit Process for the Age-Reproduction Structure in a Markov Population
Path Large Deviation and Other Typical Properties of the Low-Temperature Models, with Applications to the Weakly Gibbs States
Height of a Random Tree
Large Deviations for Integer Partitions
Ergodicity of a Glauber+Kawasaki Process with Metastable States
Infinite Dimensional Dynamics Associated to Quadratic Hamiltonians
On the Relation between Different Constructions of Random Walks on p-adics
The Minimal Reversible Coagulation-Fragmentation Process Having no Factorized Coagulation and Fragmentation Rates
On the Thermodynamic Limit for a One-Dimensional Sandpile Process
Comparison of Finite Volume Canonical and Grand Canonical Gibbs Measures under a Mixing Condition
Rate of Convergence to Equilibrium of Symmetric Simple Exclusion Processes
Thermodynamic Limit for the Mean Field Model of Simple Symmetrical Closed Queueing Network
Long Time Dynamics in Large Closed Jackson Networks
(Non-) Gibbsianness and Phase Transitions in Random Lattice Spin Models
Diffusive Limit of the Lorentz Model with a Uniform Field Starting from the Markov Approximation
Fluctuations in the Hopfield Model at the Critical Temperature
Exact Asymptotics for a Large Deviations Problem for the GI/G/1 Queue
Approximation of a Partially Observable Stochastic Control Problem
Generic Points for Stationary Measures via Large Deviation Theory
Information Estimates and Markov Random Fields
Discrete Filtering Using Branching and Interacting Particle Systems
An Example of Application of Discrete Hardy's Inequalities
Reciprocal Property for a Class of Anticipating Stochastic Differential Equations
Coercive Inequalities for Kawasaki Dynamics. The Product Case
Proprietes Asymptotiques des Relations d'Equivalences Mesurees Discretes
Asymptotics of a Dynamic Random Walk in a Random Scenery: II. A Functional Limit Theorem
k-Nearest-Neighbours Gibbs Processes
The Storage Capacity of Generalized Hopfield Models with Semantically Correlated Patterns
Equilibrium Density Fluctuations of a One-Dimensional Non-Gradient Reversible Model: The Generalized Exclusion Process
Telegraph Evolutions in Inhomogeneous Media
Random Iteration of Isometries of the Hyperbolic Plane
Thermodynamical Limit and Propagation of Chaos in Polling Systems
On Large Deviations for a Multidimensional Random Process with Slow and Fast Diffusities
One-Dimensional Branching Random Walk in a Random Environment: a Classification
Measures on Contour, Polymer or Animal Models. A Probabilistic Approach
The V-Relation between Hermitian and Non-Hermitian Operators and Strong Law for Normalized Spectral Functions of Non-Selfadjoint Random Matrices with Independent Row Vectors
Persistence of non-Markovian Processes Related to Fractional Brownian Motion
Decay to Equilibrium in $L^\infty$ of Finite Interacting Particle Systems in Infinite Volume
Asymptotic Shape for the Branching Exclusion Process
Relaxation Patterns for Competing Metastable States: a Nucleation and Growth Model
Invariant Measures for the Action of SL(2,Z) on $\r^2$
Coupling the Totally Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process with a Moving Interface
On the Forced Motion of a Heavy Particle in a Random Medium I. Existence of Dynamics
Dyson's Model of Interacting Brownian Motions at Arbitrary Coupling Strength
Pseudo-Pinning in a Growth Model
Random-Cluster Representations in the Study of Phase Transitions
Ornstein - Zernike Behaviour and Analyticity of Shapes for Self-Avoiding Walks on $Z^d$
An Ergodic Theorem for the Symmetric Generalized Exclusion Process
Almost-Sure Central Limit Theorem for a Model of Random Walk in Fluctuating Random Environment
Strict Inequality for Critical Percolation Values in Frustrated Random-Cluster Models
Quantum Methods for Interacting Particle Systems. II. Glauber Dynamics for Ising Spin Systems
An Exclusion Process with Two Types of Particles and the Hydrodynamic Limit
Limit Theorems for Random Matrices
Ball Packings and Moment Inequalities
Martin Boundary and Elliptic Curves
Hydrodynamic Scaling, Convex Duality and Asymptotic Shapes of Growth Models
Spectral Properties of Integral Operators in Problems of Interface Dynamics and Metastability
Filling the Hypercube in the Supercritical Contact Process in Equilibrium
Statistical Mechanics of Neural Networks: the Hopfield Model and the Kac-Hopfield Model
Asymmetric Neural Networks and Immune System
Gibbs Measures on Attractors in Biological Neural Networks
Relaxation of Random Magnets: Exact Results for the Griffiths' Regime
A Large Deviation Principle for a Large Star-Shaped Loss Network with Links of Capacity One
Dobrushin's Mean-Field Approximation for a Queue with Dynamic Routing
On Polling Systems where Servers Wait for Customers
An Asymptotic Exit Problem for Multidimensional Markov Chains
Min-Plus Linearity and Statistical Mechanics
From Laws of Large Numbers to Large Deviation Principles
Point Processes in Large Spaces: Poisson Approximations
Langevin Dynamics of a Semi-Infinite Interface
Constructive Approach to the Global Markov Property in Euclidean Quantum Field Theory I. Construction of Transition Kernels
Relaxation Time of the One-Dimensional Symmetric Zero Range Process with Constant Rate
A Large Deviations Problem for Compound Poisson Processes in Queueing Theory
Large Deviations for the Number of Open Clusters per site in Long Range Bond Percolation
A Remark on Random Walks in Fluctuating Random Media: the Independent Case
An Almost Sure Central Limit Theorem for the Hopfield Model
On the Validity of van der Waals Theory of Surface Tension
An Upper Bound of Large Deviations for a Generalized Star-Shaped Loss Network
Branching Markov Chains: Qualitative Characteristics
Greedy algorithm, $Z^1$ case
Central Limit Theorem for a Weakly Interacting Random Polymer
On the Validity of the van der Waals Theory in Ising Systems with Long Range Interactions
Rates of Convergence for the Gibbs Sampler
The Markov Renewal Theorem and Related Results
Fluid Approximations of Markov Decision Chains
Nontrivial Phase Transitions in a Dependent Parametric Bond Percolation Model
A Note on (Non-)Monotonicity in Temperature for the Ising Model
Rigorous Results and Critical Capacity for a Short-Term Memory Model
Nonlinear Filtering: Interacting Particle Solution
Stochastic Comparison for Resource Sharing Models
Limiting Eigenvalue Distribution of Random Matrices with Correlated Entries
A Modified Domb-Joyce Model in Four Dimensions
Random Walks in Fluctuating Random Media
Null Recurrent String
Stability of Multiclass Jackson-Type Networks
Analysis of a Biologically Plausible Neural Network via an Hourglass Model
Phase Transitions in Ising Systems with Long but Finite Range Interactions
Invariant Subspaces of the Stochastic Ising High Temperature Dynamics
Representation of Gibbs Fields with Synchronous Random Fields
Asymptotics and Scalings for Large Product-Form Networks via the Central Limit Theorem
On a Class of One-Dimensional Random Walks
Gibbs States for Random Interactions and Boundary Conditions
Limit Theorems for Tagged Particles
Probability Theory , Phase Transition
Random Walks in Random Labyrinths
On Quantum Stochastic Dynamics
Low Temperature Stochastic Dynamics for an Ising Model with Alternating Field
The ''Game of Everything''
The Hubbard Model: Introduction and Some Rigorous Results
On the Possible Failure of the Gibbs Property for Measures on Lattice Systems
Hartree-Fock Gibbs States for the Hubbard Model
High Temperature Behaviour without Analyticity
Local Analyticity and Bounds on the Truncated Correlation Functions in Disordered Systems
Stochastic Model of Massively Parallel Computation
On the Stability of Multiclass Queueing Networks: A Relaxed Sufficient Condition via Limiting Fluid Processes
Dual Constructions for Pure-Jump Markov Processes
Entropy, Concentration of Probability and Conditional Limit Theorems
The Variational Principle for Gibbs States Fails on Trees
The Shortest Path Around an Island Outside the Shallows
On Gibbs Fields in Image Processing
Approach to Equilibrium in the Symmetric Simple Exclusion Process
Two Problems about Random Walks in a Random Field of Traps
Intrinsic Convergence Rate of Countable Markov Chains
On Two-Dimensional Markov Chains in the Positive Quadrant with Partial Spatial Homogeneity
Two-Sided Evolution of a Random Chain
Hydrodynamics of the Weakly Perturbed Voter Model
Exact Power Estimates for Countable Markov Chains
The Laplace Operator in an Orthant (Algebraic Geometry Approach)
Random Walk of an Active Particle in a Non-Homogeneous Environment
On Fluid Approximations for Conservative Networks
Stochastic Evolution of Neural Networks